Bathing your Dog

The Importance of Bathing your Dog

I think for a lot of people the importance of bathing your dog can sometimes need more emphasis, this is down to the fact that – if when bathing your pooch you are “careless” the poor pup could end up with potential problems. For example, when bathing if you are not careful enough around the ears to protect water ingress in the ear canals, this could result in some ear infections with signs such as shaking of their head or discharge from the ears.

So how often should I bath my dog?

There is an element here that should go without saying, if you dog is clearly dirty and has been rolling around playing and caped in mud…give him a bath. Beyond that obvious point, the amount you should bath your dog really depends on what breed it is. If your dog is quite a hairy breed like a cocker spaniel for example, then be sure to bath it al least every 6 to 8 weeks. If these hairy breeds are bathed too often then it can result in the skin and coat starting to loose their protective natural characters. The exception would be if the dog has frequent digestive upsets leading to diarrhoea which can get on the skin and cause problems and bad smells, your dog can be given more frequent baths.

What to avoid?

When bathing your pooch you should take care to avoid some irritant soaps or human soaps as the materials found in these soaps are usually fine for us, they are often unsuitable for dogs. The same goes for human shampoos, these tend to have ingredients that are proportionately not suitable for dogs hence why you should only use products that are specifically suited for dogs and take time to read the labels when choose your shampoo.

General advice

Dogs generally love sprinkling of water, rivers and oceans and for the most part should be fine being bathed but good preparation will make the process easier. Be sure to allow yourself enough time so as not to have to rush the process and ensure that you have everything you need ready beforehand, shampoo, conditioner, towels etc. Bathing should be an easy convenient activity for both yourself and your dog…but always be ready at the end when they love to shake themselves dry, as in my experience, things can get quite messy.

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