Some of the questions we often get asked  are, “Why do we do what we do?” “What is in our food” and “How did it all come about?”…

We thought we would share our story with you so you can see why we care so much about trying to help pets to have access to a healthy, better food source. One that both provides quality, complete nutrition as well as being really tasty so your pets will have empty bowls each time.

Like yourselves we have pets that we adore, 1  dog and 2 cats to be specific. Unfortunately when Penny and Django became ill when they were young, we really struggled to find a good quality food that we could trust and afford.

This got us thinking that it shouldn’t be this hard to find a protein rich, quality, derivative free dried food. This idea grew and resulted in the creation of Bon-Apettreat back in 2016, the tasty pet food made for our pets and designed for all age ranges of Dogs and Cats. Penny and Django are both doing great now and couldn’t be happier and they still get excited when its dinner time leaving empty bowls each day.

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