It all began with Penny, our familys beloved rescue dog. Penny is a beautiful cross-breed who had a tough start in life, and for the family it was love at first sight. When she came to our family she had several health issues including colitis and we struggled to feed her.

Soon after Penny arrived a kitten called Django came to live with us. We soon realised that he too had digestive issues and struggled with conventional cat food. We tried several different specialist cat foods and soon saw some improvement in his health, but everything that seemed to help was just so extortionately expensive.

 We spoke to more and more people whose pets were struggling in similar situations and it got us thinking… What is in this food we’re giving our beloved furry friends? And why isn’t there a healthy, natural option which is affordable for everyone?


So we did some research and soon realised there was little wonder so many of our animals were struggling to digest their food. We were shocked to discover how many pet foods contain little real meat at all, and are instead packed with fillers, chemicals and over-processed ingredients.

With this motivation we set about sourcing our own range of food designed to provide healthy and nutritious food for dogs and cats just like our own.

 Bon-Apettreat contains only real ingredients, nothing artificial or unnecessary and nothing commonly linked with intolerances or allergies. There’s no ingredient in Bon-Apettreat that we wouldn’t be happy to eat ourselves.

We’re happy to say that both Penny and Django are now enjoying healthy, fulfilling lives here with us in South Devon. We’re thrilled too that we’ve a created food we can trust to give them all the goodness they need and that we’re proud to recommend to other pet lovers.

A young poorly Django with his medical collar

Grown up being happy, healthy & waiting for dinner

A poorly Penny who was a feeling sorry for herself

Now a bouncing happy go lucky dog fully of energy