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Kitten Nutrition

Kittens grow quickly and it’s vital that they receive the correct kitten food nutrition to help them become healthy and robust adult cats. Kittens start their life in an intensive growth phase that is very demanding of nutritional ingredients to ensure the best start in their lives.

We offer both Grain Free and Super Premium foods to offer Kittens the best start in life. Our highly palatable kitten food has been designed to provide all the essential proteins, vitamins and nutrients that they need in this vital first year of life. With all our Bon-Apetreat range all of our food comes with a gentle Vet approved formula and was developed with leading pet nutritionists to give you piece of mind you are feeding your little kitten the very best.

Specially formulated with high levels of protein and packed with essential vitamins and minerals, Bon-Apettreat Kitten Food is perfectly balanced, easily digestible and gentle on those sensitive kitten tummies.