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Super Premium Cat Food

Our cats have complex nutritional requirements that require a good quality premium cat food. As carnivores, they need highly digestible meats with a high protein content to ensure healthy development. Taurine and arginine must also be present in their diets as they are unable to produce this on their own and it is essential for healthy eyes, ears, heart and immune function. Vitamins are another important nutritional area for cats, as they require vitamin A and niacin in their diets and unlike dogs are unable to produce it for themselves.

Choosing a complete and balanced kitten or cat food that provides them with the essential nutrients will help your cat live a long and healthy life. Our Super Premium range is comprised of the very best nutrition for all shapes, sizes, life stages and lifestyles of your cat whether it is to help weight management, joint condition, heart function, digestion, or improvements to skin and coat condition, you will find Bon-Apettreat is a complete food that your cat is sure to love.