Bon-Apettreat Dog Food

Healthy, tasty meals for dogs.

The effects of a bad diet are hard to miss in our canine companions which is why they need a good quality Dog Food. Excess wind, loose stools, bad breath, sensitive skin and that unpleasant doggy odour can all be caused by eating the wrong food.

The good news is that choosing a healthy, natural dog food can help alleviate all these problems. Bon-Apettreat dog food provides complete, natural and balanced foods for dogs of all ages and needs and contains no nasty additives. Easily digestible and packed with only top quality food sources rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, the Bon-Apettreat range contains a good balance of oils, fats and carbohydrates as well as functional ingredients such as MOS and FOS for improved gastrointestinal health and performance, and glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM which are shown to promote the maintenance of joints. Added yucca aids digestion and helps reduce smelly stool odours, and Verm-X is a natural herbal product designed to help control internal parasites.

Give your dog the best. Choose one of our naturally balanced Bon-Apettreat diets and see the improvements for yourself.