Grain Free Chicken, Sweet Potato & Herbs


We love a nice Sunday roast and given half a chance, if we let them our dogs would be on the table and there would be nothing but an empty plate left! Thankfully that does not need to be the case as with our delicious Grain Free chicken, sweet potato and herb dog food they can enjoy a flavoursome healthy meal every day of the week. By combining succulent fresh cuts of Chicken with tasty herbs and mixing them with sweet potato you can offer your dog a meal you know he is bound to enjoy!

  • 55% Chicken – Rich in amino acids, vitamins & minerals chicken is a delicious source of protein that pets love!
  • No added Grain – This recipe is designed to be suitable for those with grain intolerance’s and sensitivity’s.
  • Sweet Potato – An excellent alternative to grains, sweet potato is high in vitamins that are good for digestion and the immune system.
  • Added Omega 3 Supplement – To support cognitive function, visual development and help to reduce the inflammation response.
  • No added artificial colours & preservatives